All of our trainers are certified with nationally accredited certifications, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to make sure you are getting the best service possible. 
We have trainers with multiple different backgrounds in different areas from health and fitness. This allows us to get you with the right trainer for your specific goals.




Relentless Fitness LLC

Sports Conditioning
Weight loss
Functional Movement

Josh is a former competitive gymnast. He also coached at Southeast Missouri State with the women's gymnastics team. Josh has been training for 14 years, built and sold a personal training company Defining Natural Ability, and has helped many clients crush their fitness and weightloss goals.



Psycho Strength LLC

Weight loss

This is Ethan and he is a fitness geek. Like some people dream about and obsess over cars or baseball, he obsesses about fitness. "My obsession is your benefit: I am constantly learning the best, scientifically-supported methods of helping you achieve your fitness goals". The fitness industry is full of hot air and misinformation, but Ethan will help you cut through all of that and focus on what actually works, not just what a particular product wants you to believe so they can make a sale. This knowledge-based approach will result in the best possible results for you.

Kristi (2).jpg


Weight loss
Strength & Conditioning
Begginer Fitness

With over 16 years of experiance, Kristi has a passion for helping other in health and fitness. Kristi has competed in Bikini competitions, has multiple training and group training certifications, and is needless to say a fitness adict! 


Tyler Hodge

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Weight Loss

My passion for exercise and fitness started when I was young and wanted to look like all the superheroes I watched on TV. I know its cheesy but it’s part of what got me to where I am today and I couldn’t be happier. I got my own weight lifting bench and dumbbells and got to work around 15 years old. Right out of High-school I got a really cool opportunity to compete in a couple physique competitions here local and did really well. Soon after, I completed my NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and jumped into training. In the few years that I’ve worked in the industry I've gotten the pleasure to meet a lot of really cool and great people and have to say that’s probably one of my favorite parts of the job. Outside of the gym I’m in school taking classes at Logan University in hopes of furthering my knowledge on the human body, its mechanics and becoming a chiropractor. I work with the best people and at the most awesome gym in Saint Louis always looking forward to helping the next person out.

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Matt Jordan

BS Exercise Science, MS Exercise Physiology

Body Building
Power Lifting
Strength Training
Weight Loss

Health and fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I played football and ran track in high school, and really got into weightlifting after graduation in 2003. I joined the US Coast Guard in 2004 where I got more in touch with fitness through the training I received. I then went to college at Southern Illinois University where I obtained my Masters in Exercise Physiology. During my time there my love for health fitness grew even more. I was a trainer at the student recreation center, President of the SIU Fitness Club, President of The Organization for Sport and Exercise Science, as well as Coordinator of Strong Survivors, an exercise and nutrition program for cancer survivors and their caregivers. This was one of the most rewarding programs I had the honor of being part of. For my own personal fitness, I am ranked in the state of Missouri and Illinois for powerlifting and nationally ranked in the EPF. I have also placed high in several bodybuilding competitions, most recently winning my Natural Pro Card in April 2017. Fitness is what I live for, and I have seen great things happen with participants that I have worked with, both physically and psychologically/emotionally, and this motivates me to continue doing what I love.


Jordan L. Gonzales


High Intensity Interval Training
Sports Specific Training
Agility Training
Weight Loss

Co-Founder of Attis Fitness LLC. Graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Western Illinois University in the area of Exercise Science. After participating in four years of NCAA Sports, I used my education and experience to become a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I have been personal training for over 3 years as a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with clients of all fitness and training goals ranging from general weight loss to sport specific performance training. I specialize in making your program “your program” in the most innovated and original way possible to reach your goals the way that fits you best!







Shreena Chopra

Flash Fitness LLC

Doctor of Physical Therapy, CSCS

HIIT (high intensity interval training)
General conditioning
Rehabilitation/Return to sport

Shreena graduated from physical therapy school in May 2017 and has since been working as a physical therapist by day and personal trainer by night. Although she enjoys helping the acutely ill, she is amazed by what the human body can do and loves to push limits. Fitness has always played a large role in her life and she has been playing soccer since she was 6. In high school and into college, she ran cross country before being plagued with several knee injuries. Since going through rehab herself, she learned the importance of proper strength training and is currently in preparation for her first powerlifting competition later this year. She may be tiny, but she is mighty!  Her objective is to help you achieve your goals, so contact her today for a consultation and start your journey!    

Nick Martin


Bachelors of Science Health Management emphasis Health Promotions; Minor in Nutrition, NASM CPT, NESTA SNS, USPA PowerLifter

Weight Loss
Strength Training
Weight Management/Sports Nutrition
Behavior Change

Nick found his love for fitness 6 years ago when he lost 90 pounds all on his own! I was real shy, quiet, I had no confidence, no drive, didn’t know what to do with my life/career and then one day it finally hit, the source of my problem was my weight! 

After a year of an intense exercise and a nutrition regimen I dropped the 90 pounds! He transformed not only his body, but his mindset had shifted into being more positive and gave him the confidence I desperately needed! This is what I bring to the table with my clients, I’ve been in the same shoes they are in when it comes to weight loss and I know how hard it can be, but if you give a 110% to this goal the end reward is so much bigger than you can possibly imagine!

Nick’s also has helped numerous clients build strength and put on muscle! He recently did his first power lifting meet and became an official Powerlifter with the United States Powerlifting Association and plans on continue doing more meets while helping/encouraging clients do the same!

Jeff Washausen

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

Weight Loss
HIIT Training
Functional Movement

Fitness may be defined as, “the condition of being physically fit and healthy,” but to me it has been a journey filled with triumphs and lessons. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, it is my personal goal to teach and help others achieve a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years, and have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your fitness goal. I first fell in love with fitness after undergoing my own weight loss transformation. At 12 years old, I weighed in over 200 pounds and was prediabetic. With the proper diet and exercise, I was able to lose over 70 pounds and reverse the diagnosis of being prediabetic in just one year! Ever since then, I have been in love with living a healthy lifestyle and spreading my passion to others. Whether your goal is weight loss, building strength or muscle, or overall just transitioning to living a healthier lifestyle, I am here to help!


Phillip Scipho
NCSF, NCCPT, TRX, Kettlebells, Gold’s Fit (crossfit) and EMT


My fitness journey began at the age of 16, I was in my second semester of high school and I found myself picking classes and I came across “Strength and Conditioning I” and thought “ I wonder what that’s like?” Well that was all it took and I fell in love almost immediately and almost 16 years later I am still going strong with my love for fitness and health and my goal of helping as many people as possible! To date, I’ve been a trainer for 10 years and have enjoyed every second of it.

Shortly after becoming a trainer in 2007, I found my second love of competitive bodybuilding! This sport is unlike any other and requires sacrifice and dedication in order to be successful and it has taught me so much about myself but more importantly has helped me better train and educate my clients. I don’t want to simply have you do what I say but I also want to teach you the why and give you a rhyme to the reason.

My fitness journey would take another turn on February 3rd 2015, when a gentlemen would have a heart attack at the gym and go into cardiac arrest. With my staff notifying right away, I was able to perform CPR and save that gentlemen’s life and it was then that I knew I could do even more to help and it was then I decided to pursue a career in becoming a Paramedic Firefighter. As of December of 2017, I completed my EMT course and hope to get into a Paramedic program soon!

In short, I love fitness and I love helping people! If you have a question, need a spot or some motivating words don’t be afraid to seek me out! Look forward to meeting you!

Hobbies: Bodybuilding (turned pro in 2010), rockclimbing, drawing, listening to music and anything tattoo related