Summer Shredding 2019 starts NOW!


Hello Everyone!

We have started our 12 week summer shredding contest today, April 1st! If you want to join in here is how everything is going to work. 

First off, as you can see above, this is a 12 week challenge that I feel will be a great way to get motivated and ready for swimsuit season! We will be doing before and after pictures or a 30-60 second video of your current physique (rules below) when you enter. You will be sending them to and must include in your pictures or video the post made on our Facebook page April 1st. Also if you don't already, please follow the Relentless Fitness Facebook page as well as join the Relentless Summer Shredding group on facebook to stay up to date with everything going on in the challenge, get motivation, tips, and build our Summer Shredding community!

After the 12 weeks, on June 21st (the first day of summer!), you will send out your after pictures/video. You must send out this picture or video by Sunday (June 23rd) 11am to be qualified to win. We will be choosing 1 winner for the contest this year. The winners will receive $100, the pot of the Summer Shredding entry fees, and a surprise prize! Please feel free to tell your friends and family, everyone is welcome to enter this challenge! 

Rules for Pictures or Video:

  • Must include a picture for each: Front, Side, and Back view of your physique.

  • Must include the post made of our “Day 1” picture found on our facebook page, instagram, or the bottom of this page with your pictures.
    (link to facebook page: )

  • You can wear tight fitting clothing or a swimsuit in the pictures or video.

  • Please include your Name, Age, Weight, and if you will allow us to use your before and afters on social media for promotions and shout outs. (bonus points for including measurements)

  • Nobody besides myself will have access to these pictures or videos for your confidentiality. That means it is very important that you send them to only

Measurement Locations for men and women.

Measurement Locations for men and women.

If you are looking for a little more of an advantage, we will have a $15 small group class on Saturdays at 6am. You must sign up at least 24hrs in advance. Link is here: at the bottom of the page to get signed up! Classes start April 6th

Good luck to everyone, if you have any questions please let me know. 

Summer Shredding 2019
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Summer Shredding 2019 Starts Now!

Use this picture in your before pictures so that I know you started on or after April 1st.