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Personal Training That Works!

Join a fitness community that is not only skilled; but passionate, determined, and supportive of your goals. Whether you’re here for two Free training sessions or committed to years of training with us, we’ve got exactly what you need.

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Our trainers are nationally accredited and have a specific training specialty unique to their personal background. To find out more about our trainers click HERE.

When If comes to personal training packages we offer multiple options to give you the custom fit that you need to help you reach your goals. See what we offer and sign up for your FREE consultation below!


Personal Training Options

We try to give you as many options as possible to fit your fitness needs!
(online personal training available, details are on the online training page)


Private Training

1 hour or 30 min available


Private training  is for anyone looking for a 1 on 1 personal training experience. 

Semi Private

1 hour or 30 min sessions available


Semi Private training is a great way to build community as well as cut costs of training! Semi Private training is for 2-4 clients, allows for schedule flexibility, and is a great way to build gym friendships.

Small Group

1 hour sessions


Small Group training is a great way to change things up as well as save a lot on price per session. Small group is for  5-10 pre grouped (such as a wedding party) members.