Episode 25: What if I am pregnant?

Today we have Amanda and Katie in with us to talk about a topic we are not as familiar with, pregnancy. Is it ok to workout when you are pregnant, should I start working out before, durring, or after, how do you know if everything is ok, what should you expect? These are all things that the ladies will be covering today on the podcast!

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Episode 20: Your mind is a valuable asset!

Your mind is a valuable asset to the success of your fitness journey. Everything starts with the decision to try, and if you don't get your mind into the right place you may never start. Today we talk about meditation, will power, and positivity.


Episode 17: Rigid in practice, Flexible in approach

Anyone can workout, it just takes getting on the old google machine and taking a look. You can take a generic program and make it fit your style and goals. Remember, be rigid with the overall program but flexible in implementing it and you will be successful!

Episode 16: Changing things up

We are going to be moving forward with a new layout for the podcast to save time as well as offer you more episodes to listen to without spending an hour on each. Today we talk about Positivity. Remember, one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!

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