Story time

Hey there, Fit City Family,

Sometimes motivation can be hard to come by and sometimes it comes from the strangest places.

Today, I just want to share a little story with you about a man who found the motivation he needed to change his life when he was least expecting it. You might have heard of Jesse Shand, dubbed “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” This story starts in 2013. Jesse was over 650lbs. Jesse created an account on an online Bodybuilding forum with the intent of trolling the bodybuilders on the page.

“It made me kind of get a laugh and feel better about my situation.” “I wanted to force my misery onto someone else – it meant I didn't have to think about my own terrible situation.” Jesse expected to be met with anger by the bodybuilders.

What he ended up getting was something very different.

Instead of the ridicule that he expected to receive through his trolling, Jesse was met with an outpouring of concern, tips, and offers of help from the online fitness community. This changed everything for Jesse. With the help of those he initially aimed to upset, Jesse started making incremental changes to his life. One of these changes was just dancing on the couch instead of sitting still. Since that day, Jesse has lost over half of his bodyweight.

If you need a little motivation or inspiration or just want to watch an amazing transformation, you can watch Jesse’s whole storyhere

Thank you all for your hard work and keep pushing!